CILIP Conference 2015, Liverpool (Day 1)

Sarah Long, from the Department of Health Library, has written an excellent post about the first day of the CILIP Conference (2-3 July 2015). Read her thoughts here.

Omnisciencia Bliss, Chief Librarian


I enjoy conferences, and CILIP is one of my favourites generally (formerly Umbrella of course, I will miss that name, as it encapsulated the overarching quality of CILIP over the many sectors of the library field).  An extended period away to think about the issues of my profession, and learn from initiatives and work going on in other areas. It is invaluable. Also – it’s one of the times we can bid for more than one place, meaning we can sit in on different strands, and discuss what we took away from the experience when we get back. Not to mention the “team building” opportunities. I’m a firm believer that teams who get to know eachother work together better, but it’s easier said than done these days.


The St George’s Hall was a stunning venue – beautiful old Victorian stateliness – pillars and stairs and stained glass and tiled floors…

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