Supporting Chartership and Certification candidates with Storify

Our weekly collections of the most interesting social media updates from libraries around the region are a great resource for Professional Registration candidates and their mentors. Available through the Storify platform – with past collections archived – these compendiums enable candidates to see the types of innovative projects happening all around Yorkshire and Humberside; projects that would make effective case-studies for Assessment Criteria 1 and 2  of both Certification and Chartership.

Candidates who have identified “areas for improvement in their personal performance” (Assessment Criteria 1) can find “activities to develop skills” by shadowing any number of exciting projects and schemes operated by library and information services across the region. Particularly good ideas could even be “borrowed” (with permission!), implemented in the candidate’s own library or information environment and then evaluated – perhaps comparatively with the original source idea. Our Storify articles allow candidates to identify those potential opportunities quickly and easily, avoiding the laborious need to search through each library social media account or website separately.

Similarly, candidates who need to enhance “their knowledge of the wider professional context” in order to “reflect on areas of current interest” (Assessment Criteria 2) could use the Storify collections to identify and then visit particularly interesting, innovative or unique libraries in sector areas of especial interest. Yorkshire and Humberside is a wide and disparate region – with many, many libraries – including several that are doubtless unknown to each individual candidate. Browsing our Storify articles – or subscribing to the Twitter list that forms the basis of those articles – can introduce previously undiscovered libraries to candidates. Social media has the added advantage of breaking down barriers between geographically or professionally separate organisations, allowing the candidate to build a relationship with libraries of interest in advance of any such visit.

To view our current and past collections of social media posts from libraries in the Yorkshire and Humberside area, click on the Storify link below. Our Twitter and Facebook pages are also available – please follow or like us if you have not already!

Any queries regarding social media and the Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Member Network should be directed to our social media officer Antony Ramm: via e-mail at or via Twitter @rammalibrary.

Antony Ramm, CILIP YH Social Media Officer


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