Report: Certification/Chartership Networking Event, 8 July 2015

On Wednesday 8 July, CILIP Certification and Chartership candidates and mentors met in the lovely Adelphi pub in Leeds. The aim was to exchange ideas and practical tips, and also to network with professionals from various sectors, including public, FE, HE and law libraries. The exchange had no formal structure, and it was really easy to ask questions and raise points as you thought of them.

What struck me about the event was the willingness of both mentors and candidates to share their experiences. This really made me feel part of a community, encouraging me to keep on going with the Chartership process. This is essential, for a qualification where for the most part, you are engaging in self-reflection and writing. Adding this element of ‘live’ communicating and networking on a regular basis is really appealing.

We talked about a wide range of topics including:

  • Finding materials on the CILIP VLE
  • How ‘open’ you could be when analysing your employer’s activities in the section on chartership where you examine the organisational context of their service and evaluate service performance
  • Discussions around the PKSB. In particular, we discussed whether you had to ‘stick to’ the areas for improvement that you identified in your initial PKSB gap analysis. For example, you may have changed sectors, thus the focus of your role completely changes. We came to the conclusion that as long as you included some kind of reflective statement with the ‘end of registration’ PKSB gap analysis, and as long as you have developed skills, you don’t need to ‘stick to’ the areas rigidly.
  • Motivational tools – working proactively with your mentor if you need more motivation (for example, setting some deadlines along with your mentor)
  • The range of material that could be included within a Registration portfolio, such as websites, screenshots, articles.

I’d definitely encourage anyone who is thinking about, or in the process of, completing a CILIP qualification to attend one of these events. It’s great to be able to exchange ideas and fears in an open and friendly forum. Thanks very much to Mark and the CILIP Yorkshire and Humberside committee for arranging the event.

For more information about Professional Registration, mentoring, and revalidation, visit the CILIP website or get in touch with CILIP Yorkshire and Humberside.

Eric Howard, Information Services Librarian, Libraries and Learning Innovation, Leeds Beckett University

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