Upcoming: Mentor Exchange of Experiences Event, 5 June 2015


 I will be running a session for all Cilip mentors, and those who are considering becoming mentors for any level of Professional Registration.  Please click here to find the booking form.


This event is delivered on behalf of CILIP Yorkshire and the Humberside Member Network.

It is an opportunity to discuss issues, problems and potential solutions arising from mentoring CILIP candidates.
Topics I plan to cover, or at least touch on, are:

  • Mentor training/the Mentor
  • The Regs.
  • Using the VLE/Cilip Portfolio
  • Helping your candidates to use the PKSB
  • Revalidation, using my own recent experience as an example

And I’ve invited two of my new Bradford colleagues, Sarah George and Alison Cullingford, along to share their experiences with us. They are both Chartered members of Cilip, but are currently mentoring people doing other schemes in the areas of teaching and heritage rather than libraries.  I thought it might be really interesting to find out how much their experiences overlap with ours.

And I’d welcome further suggestions from you.  Lots of mentors (and candidates) tend to worry about the same things, so let me know what you need help with and we can incorporate that into the afternoon.


Date of Event: Friday 5 June 2015

Time: 2.00pm to 4.30pm

Venue Location: Room 1.7 in the J. B. Priestley Library, University of Bradford

Directions: Get directions to the University and there is also a campus map

Facilitator: Maureen Pinder (CILIP Yorkshire and Humberside Mentor Support Officer)

E-mail: Maureen Pinder

FREE to currently registered members of CILIP.

Maureen Pinder, Mentor Support Officer for Yorkshire & Humberside.

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